We’re Dustin, Sky, & Aria. We’re leaving conventional living behind to explore the world, find joy in the little things, & share that joy with you and others. We’re hoping that by going after the life that is calling us, we can inspire others to do the same. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow so if not now, when?

Currently, we’re working on converting our school bus into a home on wheels. This takes a kind of drive like no other and it’s required getting the interior cleaned up, the exterior repainted and putting our floor plan together. Every bit of progress we make on our bus gets us one step closer to our skoolie life dream.

Our 3 pups. Luna, Golden Retriever (1.5 y/o female) Bodhi, Australian Shepard mix(2.5 y/o male) and Webster, Maltese-Pekingese mix (13 y/o male) are super excited about this! They’ve been waiting patiently, while we keep going on our build.

Aria, our daughter, is one super happy bus kid. She loves helping out and watching our skoolie come to life. We just can’t wait to show her this beautiful country and make memories together as a family. It’s going to be an adventure like no other!

We are so excited to show all you bus dreamers out there, the ins-and-outs of converting a bus. It takes a lot of love, time and care, but each thing we get accomplished is one step closer to our bus life adventure. Thank you for being part of our journey!!

– Groovy Little Bus Life